Tentative Schedule for Workday Activities

  • 9:00-9:30 Volunteers/Students arrive. Introductions. Short tour with history of the site and explanation of the day’s activities. Volunteers are usually assigned to groups that will work with a staff member.
  • 11:30 Volunteers/Students reconvene to put up tools, evaluate the activities, and share a snack.
  • Noon Activity is Completed.

Students and Company Info

Volunteering for a Clean-UP with Japhet Creek can tie into your school’s curricula or your company’s community service plan. Working at the creek restoration can be a spin-off for interdisciplinary discussions about history of Houston, Botany, Earth Sciences, Team-Building and other academic areas.

What is Involved

Activities include picking up trash, planting native trees and bushes, clearing the paths of vines and limbs, mulching around trees and in the pathways, removing non-native plant species, and other similar tasks. Groups of volunteers may be working along the banks and in the waterway.

How to Get Involved

Use the Contact Form on our Contact Page!


You can also download our brochure from: Japhet Creek Fall 2016